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You're in a cook's home at the Inn at Sweetwater Farm

Coffee or tea is on the sideboard by 7am.  Breakfast is served from 8:30 am until 11:00 am and is included with your stay.  I don't have to tell you it is all homemade.  You know that already! 


  • Locally Foraged Ramp & Monterey Goat Cheese Omelette with sauteed tomatoes and homemade toast

  • Local Shitake Mushroom & Aged Cheddar Cheese Omelette with homemade toast

  • Eggs Kejriwal: minced bell pepper, vidalia onion and jalapeno, spicy brown mustard, local aged cheddar cheese, with egg over easy on homemade toast

  • Breakfast Tacos: scrambled eggs, sambal pickled onion, avocado, cilantro, jalepeno & sour cream in a corn tortilla

  • Challah French Toast with Turner Farm Maple Syrup

  • Homemade Sweet Water Granola with Hawthorne Farm yogurt and Willie's honey

  • Plain and Simple: Two Eggs, any way you'd like them, served with Toast.

  • Always an assortment of baked goods and jam on the sideboard.

  • Check out the blackboard when you are here for daily specials.

With the exception of the organic sugar, the coffee and tea the food on your breakfast table is from local farmers and providers.  Here they are:

Farm Girl Farm


Guido's Marketplace
760 South Main Street
Great Barrington, MA


King Arthur Flours
P.O. Box 876
Norwich, VT 05055
1 800-827-6836


Moon in the Pond Farm
816 Barnum Street
Sheffield, MA 01257


Regional Farm and Food Project
PO Box 8628
Albany, NY 12208

North Plain Farm
Great Barrington, MA 01230


264 Main Street
Great Barrington, MA01250


Taft Farms
119 Park Square
Great Barrington, MA 01230


Berkshire Grown
314 Main Street, 2nd Floor 
Great Barrington, MA 01230


Rawson Brook Farm    
185 New Marlboro Road
Monterey, MA 01245


Foodie Alert!

We are very happy to be recognized in Yankee Magazine's Best of New England 2010.  As new owners we are thrilled to keep up the Inn at Sweet Water Farm's reputation as the "Best Inn for Foodies". Lynda and Andrei have tasted our cooking and baking and given us their blessing! We will continue to keep the chickens, all of those cookbooks lining the shelves, and our beloved local farmers' ingredients going forward.

Click here for links to other accolades about the Inn at Sweet Water Farm!

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